Swat Valley

Swaddled in the foothills of the Hindu kush mountains, the valley of Swat is famously known as “the Switzerland of the east

Swat valley

Lets Explore this Valley

Swat Valley, a well-known tourist destination and stunning beauty of nature, is located in the upper northern region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. Swat’s district is about 153 miles (246km) from the capital city Islamabad.ย Swaddled in the foothills of the Hindukush mountains, the valley of Swat is famously known as “the Switzerland of the east,” and it is. Throughout the year, people enjoy the cold weather here. As located in the Malakand division of KPK, most of the local habitants of Swat belong to the Pashtun and Kohistani communities. Now, if you want to know more about โ€œparadise on earthโ€ or want to travel on this magnificent plane, this swat kalam tour guide will help you make your tour a recalling memory of life.

How to reach Swat Valley?

Many routes can eventually lead to the swat district. You can also choose among options like a bus, car, or plane to reach this heavenly place for your vacation. You will find some common routes that primarily people used to get to swat.

swat valley

Islamabad to Swat

The total distance from Islamabad to swat valley is about 246km. You can rote to the Mardan interchange from Islamabad via the M1 motorway if you travel by car. From the Srinagar highway Islamabad after 20km, follow the M1 and M16 motorway to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (170km), and then via N-95 GT road to the Mingora in swat.ย Another route to reach swat is traveling from Peshawar by road through the national highway (45). From Peshawar to swat, the total distance is about 157km which takes almost 3 to 4 hours to be completed.

Lahore to Swat

The distance between Lahore and swat district is nearly 600km and approximately can be covered in an 8-9 hours drive through M1 M2 and M16 motorways. You can also opt to choose a flight to the Swat airport instead of a car.

Weather at Swat Valley

The weather at Swat valley remains almost moderate and changeable but rarely hot. The most surprising thing about the weather in swat valley is how it varies from one to another region. You might experience four seasons in a day for this, only travel 30 minutes in any direction, and the weather will be completely different at that point.ย In the spring seasons, the average temperature you can expect is 7ยฐC to 13ยฐC in March, April, and May. Summer months, July and August, are generally the warmest months, with the average highest temperature ranging from 15ยฐC to 17ยฐC. The coldest period in swat valley is the month of December, January, and February, with an average maximum temperature of about 5ยฐC.

Swat Valley Tourism

Swat valley is the main attraction of tourists and local visitors not only in KPK but also in Pakistan. There are many famous places in swat to visit including:

  • Kalam
  • Malan Jabba
  • Bahraini
  • Madyan
  • Swat Museum
  • Miandam

Because these places are the main tourist spots in the swat valley so let’s discuss each in detail

1. Kalam

Mostly called the most alluring part of swat valley, kalam is located about 2000 meters above sea level. This part of swat valley reflects the most enchanting views masked with the lush green forests and vegetative meadows. Swat Kalam is widely known for the production of strawberries all over the country.

2. Malam Jabba

The beautiful scenery of this tourist destination near Swat will surely amaze you. Located at a distance of 50km from the swat valley in the Karakoram mountains, Mala Jabba is the hill station where the largest ski resorts in the area are situated.ย Malam Jabba ski resort is owned and managed by Pakistan Tourism Management Corporation. It has an 800m long ski slope with the highest point of 2800m above sea level. The resort is equipped with all modern facilities, and tourists can also enjoy chairlift riding and the alluring view of the valley by looking down.

3. Bahrainain

To reach Bahrain, it will take less than one hour from the swat district. The scenic views and enchanting landscape will surely assist you in refreshing your mind. While traveling to this place, you also can stop at local dhabas to enjoy some special tea to relax before witnessing the amazing views of nature

4. Swat Museum

One of the biggest sightseer lodestones in Swat is Swat Museum. It showcases bones of the defunct period. utmost of the particulars on exposition assignation ago too,500 BC, which is commodity charming for the history suckers visiting the gallery. The position has nine salons, each of which features remains and bones, conserving in numerous stories of numerous nonidentical ages of history like the Stone Age, Gandharan and Buddhist Civilization

5. Madyan

This scenic village is about 60km from the Mingora at a height of about 1032m above sea level. The main attraction for tourists in madyan is the central mosque. In the bazaars of this village, you can buy many traditional items like embroidered shawls, wood carvings, and tribal jewelry.

6. Miandam

About 6km from the Malam Jabba, there is a small summer resort Miandam, in which a motel is developed by Pakistan Tourist Development Corporation where tourists can come and stay all year round. It is also one of the best places to visit in Swat valley.The most alluring scene of miandam is the marching rows of housing on the way to the resort.

Swat Camping

Swat is the best place for those who love camping and want to spend their vacation camping in nature. In the swat, you have multiple options for camping you have to choose from before. Whether you are a traditional camper or want to camp in your campervan swat, is the perfect place to visit to enjoy such activities. Camping in swat connects you with nature at its extreme.You can also go for theย camping podsย nested along the riverside and in beautiful forests and lakes. These camping pods will supply you with all the necessities that wonโ€™t kill the feel of remote camping you are looking for. You can get amazed by the true camping experience with luxury supplies like hot water, a bone fire setup, and a small kitchen to order your food.

Best Swat Tour Packages

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Final Verdict

This small paradise on earth can offer you a complete package to explore nature very closely and at its best. You can choose this place to spend your vacations with your family and friends. You can follow up on this guide to make the best choices to spend quality time during your tour.The mesmerizing beauty of swat and its nearby areas will surely leave you in awe. There are many other things like hiking and cycling that you can do in this beautiful valley. Other than swat there are many more beautiful areas are located in Pakistan that you must visit. Depends on you how you want to see and explore nature.