Chalets Ranch

Chalets Ranch rooms are for those who want to enjoy the raw nature but sleep amidst hard wall luxury located at the start of Kumrat Jungle.

From  11,900 per night

Chalet Ranch is a nature lover’s paradise located at the beginning of the Kumrat jungle. The ranch boasts a stunning landscape dotted with numerous waterfalls, providing a serene environment. Guests can enjoy the ultimate camping experience with campfires and BBQ facilities. The accommodation at the ranch includes attached washrooms, 24/7 hot water, electricity, and room service, ensuring a comfortable stay. The ranch offers a range of activities, including air gun shooting, bicycling, fishing, and more. The ranch also ensures guests’ privacy and protection, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking a peaceful and adventurous getaway.


  • Check-in time 2:00 pm
  • Check-out time 2:00 pm


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Room rate are for 2 Adults. Maximum Occupancy is 5 Adults

*Additional Charges Apply*

Amenities & Facilities


Campfire & BBQ

Private riverfront terraces

Attached washrooms

24/7 hot water and electricity

Camping vibes

Room Service Available Air gun shooting, Archery, Bicycling &

Fishing. Other activities available at a cost

Privacy and protection