Neelum Valley

Hub of scenic beauty with its towering hills, crystal clear streams, vast panoramic views, alluring lakes at high altitudes, green forests.

Neelum Valley

Lets Explore this Valley

The hub of scenic beauty with its towering hills, crystal clear streams, vast panoramic views, alluring lakes at high altitudes, and lush green forests, Neelum valley is located in the Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan. About 20km from Muzaffarabad, this famous tourist destination unveiled itself for tourists looking for an escapade from the northern areas of Pakistan. Its green-lush forests and snow-peaked mountains are the hubs for this place is well known to tourists. There might be a question in your mind; How can we choose the places to visit among these scenic landscapes? Don’t worry; we will get you covered with this ultimate guide to “the valley of dreams”! So, if you are planning a neelum valley tour, this guide will help you to explore the most beautiful and alluring places in this valley.

Location & Geography:

Running parallel to the Kaghan valley, the 240km long alluring Neelum valley is located in the north and northeast of Azad Kashmir’s capital Muzaffarabad. Separated by kaghan valley by its snow-peaking mountains about 4000m above sea level.

neelum valley

Places to visit at neelum valley

Islamabad to Neelum Valley:

The distance from Islamabad to neelum valley is about 235km and takes about 6 to 8 hours to reach via E-75. This is the shortest way that can take you to this magnificent valley. Another route is through Hazara Motorway (M-15), which can take about 8-9 hours to cover this distance of about 305km to neelum valley from islamabad.

Lahore to Neelum Valley:

The easy route from Lahore to neelum valley is of 640km through M-2 Motorway from Lahore to Islamabad and then via M-15 Motorway to the neelum valley

Neelum Valley Camping:

Camping is an outdoor activity that involves living in camps or protective shelters or overnight stays away from houses out in nature. Camping also is the most adventurous activity a tourist always wants to enjoy during vacations. Living close to nature and exploring its every aspect is the main adventure ‘camping can offer you. Neelum valley, with all its beauty and alluring landscapes, offers absolute freedom for these outdoor activities. Sharda, a small town in the Neelum valley, offers you the most charming and fascinating spot for camping. You can book resorts and other accommodations for your camping activities. This place is well-reputed as one of the most beautiful spots in Neelum valley. Other than that, you can check latitude resorts for amazing packages for your tour, including transportation, and, accommodation with full luxury and natural feels.

Neelum valley tour packages:

While planning a Neelum valley tour, you must look for the things that must facilitate your luxury and be on your budget. So, we recommend choosing the resorts that can provide you with the total package including transport, accommodation, and travel guidance to make your vacations memorable. Many travel companies can offer you packages that will seem complete to you until you reach your destination. So, to avoid these travel difficulties you have to check all the services whether they are on point or not. At Latitude resorts, you will get all the options to make your vacations remarkable and close to nature. Explore the website and check all the available packages and book your tour now. You will get the best accommodations that will connect you to nature.

At the End:

Neelum valley, will its lush green meadows, towering hills, natural waterfalls, and many other charming spots is a paradise that every person should visit once in life. Not to forget the mountains dominating the whole scenery with their peaks covered with snow. While traveling through the mountains of this magnificent valley to the northern areas of Pakistan, you will create memories for your whole life. Share your experience if you ever visit this beautiful valley, or follow this guide if you are planning a Neelum valley tour.