Kumrat Valley

A heavenly destination Valley and the best way to enjoy the adventures of nature is by Camping


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If you are a travel person and always want to explore nature and make your vacation the best memory of all time, you should plan a tour of this heavenly destination. So we are presenting a complete guide for you, including all transportation and kumrat hotel options and things to do at this scenic destination of Pakistan. The stunning valley of Kumrat is located in the Upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Located about 370 km from the capital, Islamabad, with an approximate travel time of about 8 hours. We can use a route to reach this natural attraction from Timergara (Dir) or the northern way that passes through Kalam (swat).

Location and Geography:

As mentioned above, the scenic kumrat valley is located in the upper dir district. The nearest town, Thall, is located about 45km from the valley and is the base for launching a trip to this valley. The main road, Kumrat, Upper Dir, Pakistan, is considered the baseline for tourism activities and tours to other surrounding areas of the valley. The exact geolocation of kumrat valley on Google maps is 35°31’13.5″N 72°14’09.5″E. Geographically, kumrat valley is surrounded by the Upper Dir district in the West, Swat Valley in the east, and other areas of Chitral in the northeast.

kumrat valley

Kumrat Valley Weather

The weather conditions indicate that spring and summer are ideal for visiting this valley. The average temperature in summer for this valley is recorded at about 20°C. But in the winter season, it is freezing, with about 3 to 10 feet of heavy snowfall, and temperatures remain below the freezing point (-4°C to -16°C)..

Kumrat Valley to Islamabad

The distance from Islamabad to kumrat valley is about 370 km which can be covered in a 9-hour drive. The distance from Rawalpindi to kumrat valley is about 400km, a little more than Islamabad to kumrat. The route between kumrat and Islamabad is through M1 Islamabad- Peshawar motorway, also at Colonel Sher Khan Interchange via M16 (Swat Motorway) towards Chakdara. Onwards, the N45 route, Dir Road, and eventually Kumrat Road maps and connect Islamabad to Kumrat Valley.

Kumrat Valley to Lahore

The shortest route from Lahore to kumrat valley is about 787km through Batkhela upper dir. The easiest way to reach kumrat valley from Lahore is to travel first to the capital city Islamabad and then take a route to the Upper Dir district that eventually leads you to kumrat valley. Now that you know this earthy heaven’s exact geography and location let’s discuss some points that will make this place your next destination.

Kumrat Valley Tour

This place is the main tourist attraction because of its beautiful green pastures, snow-clad mountains, panjkora river, foggy mounds, and fauna forests. Kumrat is well-known for its beautiful deodar forests that have created its fairytale-like ambiance. The kumrat valley tour can potentially connect you with nature at its extreme level. You can go camping in natural deodar forests with friends and family. Other than camping, there are a lot more things that you can do while visiting this beautiful heaven. So if you are planning vacations in northern areas of Pakistan, don’t forget to add this place to your list.

Things to do at Kumrat Valley

Many places and attractions are still waiting for you to explore in this scenic valley. Perhaps! It is one of the precious gems of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Breathtaking lakes, soaring mountains, panjkora river, lush deodar forest, and green valleys collectively make the kumrat the most wanted and beautiful place for nature lovers on earth to visit. We will mention some of these activities you can enjoy while visiting this valley.

1) Kumrat Valley Camping

Camping is the main thing you can do during your vacations. The panjkora river’s site and deodar forest in kumrat offer you the best place to go camping and connect with essence. Kumrat valley has beautiful camping Pods for overnight stays. At latitude resorts, we will get all the necessary basic facilities. The Riverview retreat will be an excellent option if you want to camp. You can enjoy camping on the panjkora riverside with luxury and complete privacy.

2) Bonfire

Along with camping, the bonfire at night in the cold weather of kumrat can be a great experience you can enjoy with your family or friends.

3) Panjkora River

Panjkora is the main river in the panjkora basin that flows through the upper dir district and kumrat valley. The fantastic beauty of this river is a unique spot to visit in this valley. You can enjoy fishing there, but for this, permission is compulsory from the fisheries department. The main thing that makes this river famous in the province is that it is a natural habitat for wild trout fish.

4) Do Kala Chashma

Do Kala chashma is another fascinating place to spend the sunset while sitting on the bank. Kala means black, but it does not mean that Do Kala chashma is black. It is just a perception of most people that Do Kala chashma has black color water, but it is not the reality. The name of this place is only due to the black mountain from where the water is coming to this place.The water in this natural reservoir is crystal clear and cold and is being used for drinking purposes. For quality time, you can have local snacks like pakora and fish from the nearby local shops.Other than these, there are many places that you can explore, like kumrat national park, katora lake, and kumrat Waterfalls.

Kumrat Vallley Hotels & Resorts

You can find many options and hotels that can facilitate you to your satisfaction. The best way to enjoy the adventures of nature is by camping at kumrat valley. If you plan to do so, the most eye-catching and scenic views await you on katora lake. You can bring your camping tents with you or get them for rent at very affordable prices from kumrat hotels.Other than that, the option is to book your room in a resort working on this natural beauty to preserve nature and provide you with luxurious vacations packed with all aspects of wildlife.

Kumrat Valley Tour Packages

There are a lot of travel companies and tour guides that are offering tour packages to kumrat valley in 20k-30k. Typically, a tour package to kumrat includes pick and drop from specific points, two meals a day, and accommodation. But, satisfaction is not much guaranteed in these trips and tours. Still, suppose you want to explore the essential aspects of nature by living in it. In that case, I recommend that latitude resorts are the best company to assist you in making your vacations memorable. You will be very clear about why I did make this recommendation.

At Latitude Resorts, you will get the best accommodations almost according to your expectations, along with the transportation facility at very reasonable prices and a luxury feel. There are many options you can go for in this nature-preserving resort.

Final words

Although I couldn’t explore all the parts of Kumrat Valley, I saw absolute beauty and the true face of nature. If you’re hoping to go off the beaten track, this is a great place to do it. You can enjoy nature by living close to it in this fascinating valley. This vacation trip will help you release the stress of your tiresome routine and lighten your mood by broadening your exposure to nature. I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful guide during your vacation to this heavenly destination in Pakistan’s northern region.